Readr is a simple solution for parcel management. It allows your reception team to instantly record all incoming deliveries by taking a photo, automatically alert staff members when their parcel arrives via email & maintains accurate logs of all parcel activity for additional security.

Key Features:

Parcel Photo Capture:

The first step is to digitally log the delivered parcel. Open the Readr mobile / iPad app (available on iOS) and take a photo of the delivered parcel. You can take up to 5 images of the parcel.

Quick & Accurate Logging:
Once a photo of the parcel has been captured, assign the parcel to a recipient & add additional notes such as location, parcel condition & notes. This will be included on the email notification.

Email Notifications:

Readr will alert your staff members when their parcel has arrived and awaiting collection. Automatic email notifications mean you’ll never have to manually call or message someone to pick up their parcel. Currently, notifications can be sent via email. When parcels have not been picked up, you can send reminder notifications via the dashboard.


When the parcel is awaiting collection, the recipient provides a digital signature on Readr to confirm the collection. By capturing a signature, this will improve parcel security at your premise & verify the recipient who is collecting the parcel to minimise theft issues.


Having parcel analytics can help you make smart business decisions. Key insights like the number of parcels logged and number picked up can help you allocate space and understand just how much time and effort go into managing your team’s mailroom.

Benefits of Digital Parcel Logging:

  • Reduce the time you spend transcribing names, notifying recipients and organizing mountains of parcels.

  • You need less room for storage when deliveries are collected quickly. Reclaim your additional office space.

  • At-a-glance analytics and real-time updates provide key insights into your office operations.

  • Staff Members knowing exactly when their parcel has arrived and the location to pick it up.

  • Readr is flexible enough to use anywhere—no matter if you receive a parcel at your front desk or in a formal mailroom.

How to get started with Readr:

  1. Visit the app store on your iPhone & iPad device and search 'Readr - Item & Parcel Logging'

  2. Create an account.

  3. Grab a delivered parcel & capture a photo.

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