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Introducing e-Reception Book Companion App
Introducing e-Reception Book Companion App
Learn more about the companion mobile app for e-Reception Book
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The Companion App is a mobile app that links with the e-Reception Book. Both administrators and employees can use the mobile app to quickly pre-register visitors and view receive push notifications into their smartphone.

How the Companion app works

Anyone in your company can download and start using the Companion app on their smartphone. Depending on which your workplace uses and if an employee also has administrative permissions, they will have different functionality available to them in the app. Below are all the ways employees use the app in your workplace.

Pre-register guests and see who's coming to visit

Pre-register upcoming guests and keep track of who is scheduled to arrive, so you’re prepared for every visit. Edit scheduled visits and view your visitor history.

Check-in as a Staff member in seconds

You can use the companion app to check into the building with your mobile device. Simply swipe across to register on the dashboard. You can easily check-out in the same way when you're leaving.

Access the Fire Escape mode

If you have a Fire Marshall role enabled, you can view the Fire Escape list that shows exactly who is on-site in real-time. You also have the ability to run a Fire recall for all visitors and staff.


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