You can set various roles within your e-Reception Book. Employees can be allocated certain permissions which will give them access to different features depending on the roles selected.

Fire Marshal

If enabled this will allow your employee to view the current Fire Escape View, which offers a realtime view of exactly who is in the building. This list is perfect for a Fire recall and can be used at any muster point.


The role allows employees to upload their own visitor into the system, using the Invites feature. The visitor can also view an invite email which can include details confirming the meeting.

Enable Notifications Alerts

You can select employees who would benefit from receiving notifications via email and companion app. These include when the device goes offline and when there is a new announcement shown on the dashboard relating to the e-Reception Book.

Receptionist/ Dashboard Check-in

With this role enabled employees are able to check in and out visitors and staff via their dashboard using the Dashboard Check-in feature

Companion Check-in

If enabled employees can check in and out via their Companion App, without needing to use an iPad on Reception.

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