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e-Reception Book Companion App

Get the power of the e-Reception Book in your hands.

Smart QR Staff check-in, invite upcoming visitors, receive notifications, enhanced Fire Marshal view and more. The e-Reception Book FREE companion app helps employees and residents save valuable time, adds simplicity, and gives a contactless check-in experience.

Staff Logging
All building residents (staff, employees, or residents) can now simply show their individual QR to the iPad and fast check-in or check-out, contactless. The e-Reception Book secure dashboard maintains a log of the entry and exit to help with timesheets, logs, or records.

Visitor Invites & Notifications
Send meeting invites to your visitors in a few taps, receive instant notifications when they arrive and keep an accurate log as a reminder of their visits.

Fire Marshal Mode

The intuitive e-Reception Book app enhances your building risk assessment in the event of any fire or emergency. Your fire marshals can instantly and securely access your visitor logs, all in real-time.

Companion app works with e-Reception Book.

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