QR Smart Check-In

A description for how your visitors and staff can easily check-in and out using the a QR code scanned on the iPad

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Visitors and Staff can easily use QR codes to quickly check in and out, reducing the need to touch the device. All they would do is simply tap the scan button and present the code.

To turn on/off

To show the Scan feature on your iPad:

  1. On the computer Login to your online dashboard

  2. Toggle ‘Enable QR’

  3. Click 'Save'

  4. Then ‘Refresh My Device(s)’

The system should now show the Scan button on the home page.

Allocate Staff QR

Staff can be assigned QR codes via the dashboard, which allow them to check in and out via the tablet.

  1. On the computer Login to your online dashboard

  2. Tick the required Employees

  3. Select the 'Actions All' (Navy Blue downward arrow)

  4. Click 'Generate selected QR'

Allocate Visitors QR

You must send QR codes that allow invited visitors to check in and out on the day of the invite.

The QR code is sent at the bottom of their invite email, so be sure to add a visitor email to ensure that it is received.

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