2.6.0 Release Notes
Updated over a week ago

Version 2.6.0

In this new version of e-reception book we have introduced a new dashboard along with the following fixes:


  • New Logo and Branding Icon

  • Support for Always on QR Scanning (with QR icon to signify that it is on)

  • Support for Companion App (Coming Soon)


  • Introduction of new streamlined dashboard with the following

  • Shrinkable Sidebar

  • Readjusted menu items

  • Brand new real-time branding screen

  • Invites default password

  • Support for Companion

  • New Design inline with new branding

  • Capacity Mode A new feature enabled for all sites that allows customers to set a max capacity for their building and the system will send alerts (Companion, DB & Email) when the site is 90% full and 100% full to fall inline with social distancing policies

  • plus various Bug Fixes

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