Contactless QR Check In

A contactless way for visitors to check in by scanning a QR code on their smartphone camera

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This feature allows visitors to check in and out via their own smart phone camera and allows staff members to check in and out using their Companion App. The visitor simply scans a QR code using their phone camera, then completes the check in process. When they are ready to leave simply scan the code again or press check out on the web page. For staff they can easily scan the QR code using the built-in camera tool on the Companion App.

There are two types of QR code, Static and Dynamic.

Dynamic QR code

This can be activated on the iPad to show a QR code that refreshes every 60 seconds, to help improve security. To turn on this QR please use this article.

Static QR code

These are QR code which can be printed to distribute around site. Perfect if you have multiple entries and exits, as you can create multiple Static QR codes. To create a Static QR code please use this article.

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