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How to Approve or Reject a Pending Visitor
How to Approve or Reject a Pending Visitor
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Vaccination Status provides you with the tools to record & verify staff, contractor & visiting professionals' vaccination status.

The system will present an alert during check-in to speak with a member of staff if their vaccination status is pending.

There are two ways to approve or reject a pending visitor; either directly from the dashboard or from the iPad itself.

From the Dashboard

1. Log into your Dashboard

2. Click 'Pending' on the visitor or staff member

3. Select ' View Vaccination Info'

4. Toggle to either 'Approved' or 'Rejected'

5. Enter information in 'Approved by'

6. Click 'Update Approval Status'

From the iPad

On the iPad hold down for 10 seconds on the eReception Book logo in the bottom right-hand corner. Enter your admin passcode (if enabled).

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