3.4.11 Release Notes

New improvements to the e-Reception Book dashboard.

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This version contains the following fixes/improvements to the dashboard.

1) New Dashboard Login Screen

We have improved the visual design of the e-Reception Book login page. The URL ereceptionbook.com/login is the same.

2) Improved Offline / Online Status

We have improved the Offline / Online status of your iPad device. This is displayed in the devices section of your dashboard.

- Yellow border signals the device is offline
- Green border signals the device is online

3) Categories Section Improvements

The categories section on the dashboard has been improved to give a better user experience.

- Larger font text
- Increased border-radius toggles
- A broader palette of colours per action

4) Autoclosing Sidebar

When a new tab has been selected on the dashboard, the previous tab will automatically close. This will reduce any clutter on the dashboard screen.

5) Improved Table Design

The following areas have been improved with larger font & clearer table structure:

- Visitor Log
- Staff Log
- History Tab
- Students (Education Sites)
- My Employees
- Invites
- Custom Fields
- Companies

6) Improved Branding Selection

The branding tab now includes pre-defined colours. If you have specific branding guidelines, include your custom HEX codes to follow any strict corporate identity.

7) New Select All Functionality - Actions

If you require to mass update all records, we have introduced an 'Actions' button. When all records are selected, you will be presented with an actions button to mass update records with a chosen action.

This is applicable to the following areas on the dashboard:

- Pre-Approved

- My Employees

8) Employee External URL Access

Accessing your external employee URL is now simple from the dashboard. Under the My Employees tab, you will be presented with a floating section that now displays the URL.

You can pass this link to your employees for them to access the dashboard with their credentials.


If you have any immediate questions about this article or other e-Reception Book features, please contact us via Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

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