Enabling Guided Access

Guided Access limits your device to a single app and lets you control which features are available

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It’s good practice to enable guided access on all of your e-Reception Book iPads. Guided access is an Apple feature that’s built in to every iPad. It limits your device to a single app and lets you control which app features are available.

This means that visitors and employees cannot close out of your app and open a different app like games or web browsers.

To enable this Apple feature:

  1. On the iPad, open the iPad Settings App.

  2. On the left side, locate and tap on Accessibility.

  3. Under Accessibility, scroll down to locate Guided Access.

  4. Under Guided Access, toggle Guided Access to on and set 'Dis

If you’re using iOS version 12.1.1 or above, you will want to turn on the Display Auto-Lock.

  • Under Guided Access, turn on Display Auto-Lock and set to Never. When this is on, Guided Access will mirror the Auto-Lock setting in Display & Brightness. When off, Guided Access will turn off the screen after 20 minutes of inactivity.

  1. Exit the Settings App and open the e-Reception Book app.

  2. While on the welcome screen, press the home button three times in a row, quickly.

  3. You’ll see this screen appear.

  1. Tap Start in the top right corner. You can disregard the instructions to “Circle areas on the screen…”

  2. Enter a passcode that your whole team will know/remember.

  3. Now, Guided Access is enabled and e-Reception Book is the only app allowed.

  4. To end Guided Access mode, triple-click the home button again, input your passcode, and tap End in the top left corner.

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