This feature allows you to ask any question from both staff and visitors as they check in and out of site, enabling you to build custom forms and receive the data you require from your visitors.

You can assign custom fields to a specific category or prompt a staff member to complete the field. The field can either be set as optional or mandatory.

Types of Custom Field


Use a smiley face scale 1 to 5, to give a rating on your set question

example - How would you rate our facilities today on your visit?


Capture an answer in text to your question

example - Please enter your Nationally?

Offer various options, which the visitor can select one answer

example - What department have you come to visit today?

Multiple Choice

Offer various options, which the visitor can select serval answers from.

example - Please select the areas you visited today?


Capture an answer in numbers to your question, please note auto shows the numeric keyboard

example - What was your recorded temperature when you arrived?


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