How to Print Visitor Badges

A short guide on how to connect the Brother printer and eReception Book to print visitor badges

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The system allows you to print visitor badges, including the site logo, visitor name, and other contact information.

Please follow the steps below to connect e-Reception Book and start using a label printer.

Before starting the below please make sure your printer is connected to the same WiFi as the iPad, you can find a user manual below for our supported printer.

eReception Book supports the following label printer:

  • Brother QL-820NWB (AirPrint & IP printing) (User Manual)

    • with standard size as 62mm x 100mm

1. Turn on Label Printing

If you go to ‘Dashboard > Settings > Account’ toggle on ‘Show Label Printing’ and save. Then refresh the webpage.

2. Create or use the Default label

If you then go to ‘Dashboard > Check-In > Label Printing’ from here you can either create your own label and save or keep the default label already created.

3. Allocate Label to a Category

Once you have done that, if you go to ‘Dashboard > Check-In > Categories’ tick the box to ‘Enable Label Printing’ and select the desired label and press 'Update Category'.

4. Connect the Printer to the iPad

There are two ways to connect the printer to the iPad; either via AirPrint or IP Printing.


Once the label printing has been enabled on the dashboard (Step 1).

Close down the e-Reception Book app on the iPad and reopen it.

This will bring up a small white box in the top left-hand corner, in which you can select the printer.

Once you have selected the Printer and allocated a category (Step 3) you will be ready to print when your next visitor arrives.

IP Printing

This can be enabled via the dashboard.

Dashboard > Check-In > Label Printing > Printer > Wi-Fi.

Enter the IP address using the instructions below.

  1. Find your IP Address

    • Use the [▲] and [▼] buttons to select WLAN > WLAN Status > Infrastructure Mode in the settings menu. Press [OK].

    • On the screen, locate "IP Addr".

  2. Enter in the "IP Addr" exactly as it appears.

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