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Dashboard Release Notes - 9th February 2024
Dashboard Release Notes - 9th February 2024
Updated over a week ago

This latest update brings a comprehensive set of changes, including an entirely new dashboard experience.

Key highlights include:

  • Enhanced security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) now available for the dashboard.

  • Introduction of a Reporting Module to streamline data analysis and insights.

  • Launch of the Nourish Care Integration

  • Enhanced Admin capabilities with updated search functionality.

  • New Trial Logic feature to improve the trial experience for users.

  • Streamlined Onboarding process, including Customer Credential Confirmation.

  • A centralised Upload Portal accessible across all sites for easier file management.

  • Improved management of Linked Employees, facilitating global multi-site user access.

Dive into the details by exploring the full release notes provided here.

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