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We are delighted to announce our partnership with the leading care management platform, Nourish Care. This collaboration is set to revolutionise visitor management by integrating our e-Reception Book with the Nourish app, providing a seamless and efficient care management system for the care sector.

Through this integration, care organisations can now manage visitor records directly within the Nourish app, with all data seamlessly synchronised with our e-Reception Book. This allows for efficient tracking, analysis, and reporting of visitor information, ensuring a streamlined process for managing visitors, staff, and residents.

How to integrate your e-Reception Book account with Nourish

e-Reception Book dashboard steps:

If you wish to integrate your e-Reception Book account into Nourish, please follow the below steps to connect the two systems:

Once you have done this, you will then need to go to your Nourish account and follow the steps provided below:

Nourish dashboard steps:

1) On your Nourish dashboard, click 'Administration' in the left-hand sidebar and then click the 'Extensions' dropdown.

If the 'Extensions' tab is missing from your Nourish platform, please make sure you have full administrative rights for your Nourish account. If you do not, please reach out to your Nourish account manager.

2) On the Extensions page, click on the e-Reception Book extension (the image below shows this as 'ERECEPTION')

3) You will see the following pop-up on the screen, tick the check box and click 'Continue'.

4) Next you will see the Extension Token pop-up, from here you can enter the API key that you copied from your e-Reception Book dashboard.

5) Your screen should look similar to the example provided below. Click 'Confirm'.

6) The e-Reception Book extension will now be toggled on, meaning it is linked.

You will now be able to see your Nourish integration in Settings > Integrations on the e-Reception Book dashboard. Keep reading to see how you can do each of the following:

Nourish Timeline

Integrating the e-Reception Book with your system offers the advantage of automatically recording activities from the e-Reception Book directly onto the timelines of both residents in Nourish. This seamless integration ensures that all relevant activities are conveniently logged and easily accessible.

Several types of activities from the e-Reception Book are automatically marked on your Nourish timeline, including:

  1. Visitor Check-ins: Whenever a visitor checks in to meet with a resident, this action is immediately recorded on the specific resident's timeline in Nourish. This allows for efficient tracking and review of visitor interactions.

  2. Resident Check-outs and Check-ins: Each time a resident leaves (checks out) and then returns (checks in), these movements are documented on their individual Nourish timeline. This feature helps in maintaining a clear record of the resident's comings and goings for safety and management purposes.

  3. Feedback: Should a visitor provide feedback about their visit to see a resident, this information is captured and marked on the resident’s timeline within Nourish. This aspect is particularly useful for gathering insights about visitor experiences and any potential areas for improvement.

These integrations between e-Reception Book and Nourish enhance the overall management and monitoring of activities within your facility, ensuring that all pertinent information is efficiently recorded and easily accessible for staff review.

Employees & Residents Sync

Integrating e-Reception Book with Nourish Care brings the significant advantage of automated synchronisation between the two platforms. Specifically, your residents' and employees' lists are seamlessly synced to the e-Reception Book every night at midnight. This ensures that the most current information is always available in the e-Reception Book without any extra effort.

If there's a need to update your employees' or residents' list on the e-Reception Book, you can easily do so by making the necessary changes directly on the Nourish dashboard. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual entry or deletion of records in the e-Reception Book, as any updates made in Nourish are automatically reflected.

This feature of automatic synchronisation between e-Reception Book and Nourish Care is a key benefit, especially for your administrative team. It saves considerable time and effort, as the need for manually importing or deleting records is eliminated. By reducing the administrative burden, your team can focus more on providing quality care and attention to your residents.

Please see the image provided below for an example of your imported Nourish employees on the e-Reception Book dashboard:

Please see the image provided below for an example of your imported Nourish residents on the e-Reception Book dashboard:

Nourish Fields & Custom Fields

When you integrate with Nourish, we offer two distinct options for questions during the check-in process, allowing for flexibility and customisation to meet your specific needs.

The first option is 'Nourish Fields'. These are predefined, unchangeable fields. If you opt for these questions, they will automatically write back from the e-Reception Book to your Nourish timeline, requiring no additional effort from your end.

The second option is 'Custom Fields'. These are entirely customisable fields that you can tailor to your specific requirements. When a visitor checks in using these fields, the information will be displayed on the e-Reception Book dashboard. However, please note that data from Custom Fields will not automatically sync back to Nourish.

Understanding that each care home has its own unique set of requirements, we provide the flexibility to use a combination of both Nourish and Custom Fields for any specific category. This approach ensures that you can tailor the check-in process to best suit your care home's needs.

What are the benefits of integrating e-Reception Book with Nourish

The integration of e-Reception Book with Nourish Care offers several significant benefits for users, particularly in the healthcare and care sector:

  1. Streamlined Visitor Management: This integration simplifies the process of managing check-ins. Managers can record, track, and manage visitor information more efficiently on the Nourish timeline instead of using multiple dashboards.

  2. Enhanced Data Synchronisation: With both systems integrated, data regarding residents and staff are automatically updated and synchronised. This ensures that all records are current and reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur with manual data entry.

  3. Improved Security and Compliance: The integrated system enhances the security of care environments by ensuring that visitor management adheres to the necessary protocols and compliance requirements. It provides a more reliable and audit-friendly way of managing check-ins

  4. Increased Efficiency in Care Delivery: By automating and streamlining visitor management, care professionals have more time to focus on their primary role of providing care. This can lead to better patient and resident outcomes, as staff are less burdened by administrative tasks.

  5. Better Reporting and Analytics: The integration enables more comprehensive reporting and analysis of visitor data. This can be valuable for understanding patterns, managing resources, and making informed decisions about facility management and operations.

Is there a charge for integrating our e-Reception Book with Nourish

To integrate your existing Nourish platform with the e-Reception Book, we are pleased to inform you that there will be no additional charge to your current licence. This means you can enjoy the enhanced features and benefits of a seamless integration between these two powerful systems without incurring any extra costs.

This decision is part of our commitment to providing value-added services and ensuring a smooth, cost-effective transition for our users, enhancing your experience without impacting your budget.

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Additional Support

If you have any immediate questions, we have a range of support channels for you to contact us on:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01489 336390
Live Chat: Click the blue widget on the bottom right-hand corner to open our Live Chat.

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