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Management Information Systems (MIS)
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This guide provides a detailed explanation of MIS Integration and how it works with e-Reception Book. See what MIS systems we integrate with and the most commonly asked questions regarding MIS integration.

Introduction to MIS

e-Reception Book works securely with your school's Management Information System (MIS) through Wonde, a safe and encrypted platform. This connection allows you to easily manage and share data with other chosen tools. We provide both read and write access to school data using standardised datasets and a simple API, just like Wonde.

Please note that MIS integration is an extra feature that comes with an additional cost. It is available for purchase at any time but is only applicable to users of the education edition.

If you want to add MIS integration and haven't done so yet, check out our support section below for step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

MIS Systems we Integrate with

The table below provides a list of MIS systems compatible with e-Reception Book, indicating whether each system supports both read and write capabilities or only read functionality.

Type of MIS












SchoolBase Furlong


















RM Integris



* We integrate with ScholarPack Rest only.


We have partnered with leading provider Wonde to offer MIS Integration with e-Reception Book.

The annual pricing for secure integration is:

  • Primary School: £120 + VAT / 12 month agreement

  • Secondary School: £180 + VAT / 12 month agreement

MIS Integration FAQs

Question Index:

Q. Why aren't my reasons writing back to my MIS?

A. When students arrive late or leave early and use the e-Reception Book to check in/out, you need to choose an attendance code from your MIS.

You can either display a list of all available codes for the student/parent to choose from (this is the default setup) or create your own custom reasons and link them to the relevant attendance codes you want to apply when that reason is selected. Please see the image provided below which shows the default setup:

Please follow the steps provided below if you would like to create custom reasons and link them to attendance codes:

Q. Why has the system pulled through pupils that have now left?

A. To implement this adjustment, it is necessary to make changes in your MIS portal. We must verify that students who have left the school, have a designated end date entered and are not marked as 'Active'.

Q. Why has the system pulled through employees that have now left?

A. If the system shows employees who no longer work at your school, you will need to fix this in your MIS portal. Just make sure that for those who left, there's a proper end date, and they're not marked as 'Active'.

Please note: If these employees have already been imported to the e-Reception Book, you will need to archive them from your employee list.

Q. How quickly does the system write back to MIS?

A. If the e-Reception Book is online, the system should quickly update your MIS portal with information about students who arrive late or leave early within a few minutes.

Q. How often does the system update my MIS import?

A. The dashboard will automatically refresh the MIS import nightly. Alternatively, you can manually update it to include any new employees or students by following these steps:

Q. How do I stop a specific employee/pupil from pulling through from the MIS import without removing them from my MIS portal?

A. If you have an employee or student who has pulled through from your MIS portal that you would rather not have on the e-Reception Book, please follow the steps provided below:

Stop employee(s) pulling through

If you would like to restrict individual or multiple employees specifically from pulling through, please follow the steps provided below:

Stop pupil(s) pulling through

If you would like to restrict individual or multiple pupils specifically from pulling through, please follow the steps provided below:

Q. How do I stop the MIS import from overwriting my employee list?

A. After linking your MIS to the e-Reception Book dashboard, selecting the employee list in green (importing) will overwrite your existing employee list if the records match.

If you'd rather update your employee list manually and not pull your employee list from your MIS, please follow these steps:

Once the e-Reception Book dashboard has imported your Wonde contacts, select the employees you want to stop importing (red) or select all to stop importing them all. This should look similar to the image provided below:

As the contacts are now marked as Red, this shows they are not importing. This will stop employees from pulling through from Wonde.

After doing this, you will then need to remove all previously imported MIS employees and upload your own employees list. To remove all employees, please do the following:

Once you have done this, please complete the following steps provided below to upload your own employee list:

Screenshot+2022-08-02+at+15.38.30.png (1034×486)

Additional Support

If you have any immediate questions, please use our Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page. If you wish to add MIS Integration to your licence or have any questions regarding e-Reception Book, please email us at [email protected].

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