Vaccination Status

Digital Vaccination Status Recording for Staff, Contractors & Visiting Professionals

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From Thursday 11th November, all care home workers, and anyone entering a care home, will need to be fully vaccinated, unless they are exempt under the regulations.

The registered manager should keep a digital record of the vaccination or exemption status of all workers entering your care home.

Vaccination Status provides you with the tools to record & verify staff, contractor & visiting professionals' vaccination status.

Status Control

Vaccination Status gives you the ability to status control all workers entering your care home. Adding site entry requirements ensures that everyone is verified with their vaccination status.

Bulk upload all contacts with their vaccination status from the dashboard.

Vaccination Records

By storing a digital copy of all vaccination records, you will have the ability to quickly share these records with CQC to demonstrate you have checked 3rd party medical exemptions.

Vaccination Status ensures that you process information about vaccination or medical exemption in accordance with data protection legislation.

Contact Profiles

Digitally record a vaccination status using contact profiles. All contacts on e-Reception Book will have the option to upload their vaccination record, set expiry date & capture authorisation.

All contacts that have an expired vaccination status will be flagged as 'pending' on the dashboard for you to update.

Smart Check-in Alerts

The system will present an alert during check-in to speak with a member of staff if their vaccination status is pending.

In a few simple taps, verify their vaccination status at the point of check-in from your dashboard.


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