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How to pair fobs & cards to staff members?
How to pair fobs & cards to staff members?
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Assigning a fob or card to your staff member is quick with e-Reception Book. Once your RFID reader is connected to the e-Reception Book, please follow the steps below:

1) Tap a new fob against the RFID reader device. You will hear a sound to indicate the device has read the fob/card but is currently unassigned.

2) The iPad device will display a popup to indicate the fob needs to be assigned. Using the popup message on the iPad, type the staff member's name in the search box and tap assign.

3) You will be asked to re-confirm the action. Tap confirm to assign the fob.

Important: You can assign multiple fobs and access cards to one staff member. All you need to do is replicate the above steps per fob you wish to assign.

Once all fobs are assigned, you will be able to view this on your e-Reception Book dashboard under the 'My Employees' section.


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