Getting Started - RFID Check-in
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This article is designed to give you an extensive guide on how to set up RFID Check-in for e-Reception Book.

Once delivered, your RFID delivery includes the following:

  • Reader Stand Attachment

  • 3M Adhesive Sticker

  • Reader Power Cable

  • Reader Power Adaptor

  • RFID Slimline Reader in Protective Case

1) Enable RFID in settings

To enable RFID, go to the e-Reception Book dashboard and do the following steps:

3. Toggle the "Enable RFID" button so it turns green.

2) Plug in your RFID reader

Plug your RFID reader into mains with the cable & adaptor provider. Once plugged in, the reader will have a green light to indicate the reader is powered.

3) Connect your RFID reader to the iPad device

1) Open the e-Reception Book application on your iPad device from the home screen and hold down the e-Reception Book logo on the bottom right for 10 seconds. You will be presented with a sub-menu, please tap 'Reader Settings'

2) You will see a popup appear on the top left-hand side of the screen. Please tap the RFID reader and once done, this will be connected.

When your RFID device has been connected to e-Reception Book, you will see the Bluetooth icon light up white from yellow.

Please watch the video below if you're having trouble.

4) Attach the reader stand to the iPad device

The reader stand attachment will include a 3M sticker as pictured above.

1) Peel the red sticker (outlined above) and place this on your iPad device in a suitable position.

Important: Place the reader attachment on the opposite side of the charger.

To maximise the use of RFID Check-in, we recommend placing the reader stand attachment as pictured below.

5) Stick your RFID Reader to the stand attachment

The 3M adhesive sticker is designed for you to securely place your RFID reader to the stand attachment.

1) Peel the sticker and place your RFID reader on the circular stand attachment as pictured below:

2) Once your RFID reader is stuck to the 3M sticker, e-Reception Book with your RFID reader should look like the picture below.

6) Attach the wire to your RFID reader and plug in using the adaptor

The cable provided as part of your delivery is used to power your RFID reader. The cable is long nylon braided USB 2.0 micro USB charging cable 3m

Important: To keep the wire hidden from public view, feed the iPad charging wire & reader cable through the stand base. See picture below.

7) Re-power your RFID reader using the adaptor provided

Once the wire has been connected to your RFID reader, insert the USB into the Anker adaptor and plug into the mains accordingly.

Anker's world-famous PowerIQ detects your devices and adjusts voltage output accordingly, delivering a tailored, optimized charge.

RFID Slimline Reader

Key information

  • The reader must be powered with the power cable and adaptor provided

  • The reader must be connected to the iPad via Bluetooth connection

  • Place the reader in close proximity to the iPad as Bluetooth only has a limited connection radius

  • You can connect multiple readers to one iPad


If you have any immediate questions about setting up your RFID device, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page.


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