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What is Feedback?

Our feedback feature serves as a valuable feedback capture tool within the e-Reception Book system. It enables you to ask about visitors' experiences and gather insights into various aspects, such as visitor experience and business operations.

This collected data allows you to make informed decisions based on the feedback provided by visitors about their experiences.

Feedback Overview

Feedback Questions List

In the highlighted box of the screen, you'll find the feedback question column. Here, you can easily view your feedback questions and see which ones are currently active or deactivated. Within the e-Reception Book dashboard, you can also interact with individual feedback questions to customise them further.

Additionally, it displays the order in which these questions appear during the visitor check-out process, with 1 being the initial question and 6 being the final one.

Most Recent Feedback

The feedback page's table displays visitor and feedback data according to your chosen time frame (this can be found at the top right-hand corner of the Feedback page, next to “Export”).

Within this table, you can access your most recent feedback with more information such as feedback capture date, overall rating, comments and score. You can export this using the export button.

Real-time Feedback Counts

Located above the table are five boxes featuring various emojis that show the feedback options available for visitors to choose from when rating their experience during check-out. These options range from "very poor" to "very good."

The number displayed next to each emoji indicates how many visitors have selected that particular option and emoji within the timeframe you've specified. You can find the timeframe chosen just above the emojis, next to the "Export" button.


At the top of the page, you'll see three boxes. The left one, "All Categories," helps you sort feedback by different visitor types like visitors or contractors, which is handy for analysing specific groups.

In the middle box, you can pick the timeframe for the feedback data you want to see, like today, this week, this month, this year, or even a custom period.

On the far right, there's the "Export" button. It lets you save visitor feedback data, whether it's existing exports or new ones you want to create. You can also customise these exports by choosing the timeframes and data you need.

How to Export Feedback

The e-Reception Book dashboard allows you to export visitor feedback data into a CSV file format, providing you with an accessible way to manage and analyse the insights you have gathered from visitors.

If you would like to export visitor feedback data, please follow the provided steps below:

How to Add Feedback Questions

If you would like to add feedback questions to the visitor checkout process on the e-Reception Book, please follow the provided steps below:

How to Delete Feedback Questions

You can easily delete feedback questions that are no longer relevant or necessary for your data collection process on the e-Reception Book dashboard.

Follow these simple steps below to delete unwanted questions from your feedback forms:

Once you have deleted a feedback question, it will show in the “Deactivated” section of the Feedback page. You will be able to find this underneath the “Active” feedback questions.

How Does Feedback Show on the e-Reception Book

The e-Reception Book dashboard offers various ways to collect feedback from visitors when they're checking out, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs and aligns with the specific questions you want to ask. Explore the different feedback options available below:


Use a smiley face scale, ranging from 1 to 5, to allow visitors to express their rating in response to the specific question provided. This approach allows visitors to convey their level of satisfaction or feedback effectively, with 1 representing the lowest rating and 5 signifying the highest. Please see an example of this below:


Capture your response in numerical format to answer the question. It's important to note that the system is designed to automatically display the numeric keyboard for your convenience. Please see an example of this below:


To provide a textual response to the question, allow visitors to enter their feedback using the keyboard. It's worth noting that the system will automatically switch to the letter keyboard. Please see an example of this below:


Present different options for visitors to choose from, where they can pick just one answer that suits them best. Please see an example of this below:

Multiple Choice

Provide a list of options that visitors can choose from, and they have the freedom to select more than one answer if it applies to them. This way, visitors can express their preferences or feedback thoroughly. Please see an example of this below:

How Feedback is Shown on the e-Reception Book Dashboard

As a visitor offers feedback during the check-out process, the e-Reception Book dashboard will instantly update, providing you with a real-time view on the visitor's check-out status and the feedback they have provided.

The videos below demonstrate the entire process, starting from when a visitor gives feedback during checkout:

Once they have submitted their feedback and checked out, the e-Reception Book dashboard will automatically update and display this information on the Feedback page, which you can view.

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Additional Support

If you have any immediate questions, please use our Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

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