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This article will explain the 'Devices’ section on the e-Reception Book dashboard and how to use the different features. Read this article to learn more about adding a device, the information about your device, and the functions of the buttons on the Device page.

Devices Overview

The "Devices" screen on the e-Reception Book dashboard shows you devices that are currently connected to your dashboard. For example, if you have multiple iPads in your building that are connected to the dashboard, they will show here.

What does the Device Information mean?

On the "Devices" page, you'll see information related to your devices. The screenshot above is an example of what you will see when going onto the devices page. See below to better understand what each section means:

System version - The current IOS system the iPad is running.

App Version - The current version of the e-Reception Book app you are using.

IP Address - A combination of numbers that acts as an identity for your device when it connects to the internet.

How to Connect a Device to the e-Reception Book Dashboard

To link a new device to your e-Reception Book dashboard, please proceed with the following instructions that outline the necessary steps for connecting the new device:

What does Disconnect and Refresh mean under Each Device?

Under each connected device you'll see the "Disconnect" and "Refresh" buttons.

- Clicking the "Disconnect" button will disconnect your device from the dashboard
- The "Refresh" button will refresh your device to update and changes you've made.

What Happens when your Device goes Offline?

When your device goes offline, you will be notified via email and this will be displayed on your dashboard. Read the guide below to learn about how you will be notified when your device goes offline.

Where it shows on the app

When your device goes offline, you will see a yellow banner at the top of the home screen (highlighted in red below):

Email notification

When your device goes offline, you will be notified via email. Below is how your email notification will look:

Devices page

When your device goes offline, you will see this via the devices page. Below is how your devices page will look:

Screenshot+2022-08-02+at+15.38.30.png (1034×486)

Additional Support

If you have any immediate questions, please use our Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

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