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This article provides insights into the Dashboard Check-In feature within the e-Reception Book dashboard. Explore this guide to discover its functions, how you can effectively use it for checking in various individuals such as visitors, staff, and offsite, how to review the data on the dashboard, and the advantages it offers.

What is Dashboard Check-In?

The "Dashboard check-in" feature enables you to utilise the e-Reception Book dashboard for checking visitors, staff and offsite (e.g. students and residents) in and out, without using the iPad. This is especially useful when the iPad isn't connected or is offline, but there's still a need for check-ins and check-outs for visitors, staff, and students.

How to check in Visitors using the Dashboard

Please follow the steps provided below if you would like to check in visitors using the e-Reception Book dashboard:

How to Check in Staff using the Dashboard

Please follow the steps provided below if you would like to check in staff members using the e-Reception Book dashboard:

How to Check-in Early Leave/Late Arriving Students using Dashboard

Please follow the steps provided below if you would like to check in late-arriving or early-leaving students, using the e-Reception Book dashboard:

How to Check Residents In and Out

Please follow the steps provided below if you would like to check in and out your residents in your care home, using the e-Reception Book dashboard:

Displaying Dashboard Check-in Status on the Home Page After Check-In

After you've completed the check-in and check-out process for visitors, staff, and offsite (e.g. students and residents), their information will instantly be updated and appear in a table at the bottom of the home page. To get a visual preview of how this appears, please refer to the video below:

Benefits of Dashboard Check-In

No Devices Needed:

One of the primary benefits of Dashboard Check-In is its device-free approach. Visitors, staff, and students can effortlessly check in and out without relying on physical devices like iPads or kiosks. This streamlined process simplifies the visitor experience and reduces reliance on additional hardware, making check-in more accessible and efficient for all users.

Personalised Reception:

Dashboard Check-In enables your receptionist to deliver a tailored and friendly welcome to each visitor. It allows your receptionist to greet guests by their names, recall their previous visits, and offer assistance that meets their specific needs. This level of personalisation creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making visitors feel valued and fostering a sense of belonging.

Reducing Physical Contact:

In a time when cleanliness and safety are crucial for all businesses, Dashboard Check-In helps by decreasing the number of touchpoints around the workplace. Visitors won't have to use shared devices, which lowers the chances of spreading germs and makes the environment safer for everyone.

Improved Reporting:

The dashboard produces informative reports and analytics regarding your visitors, staff, and students. These reports offer valuable insights into visitor behaviour, peak activity times, and other critical data. This information can guide your decision-making processes and assist in resource allocation.

Real-Time Updates:

The system updates in real-time, allowing receptionists to have instant access to the most current information about who is in the building. This enables better security and response in case of emergencies. In critical situations, having instant access to accurate occupancy data allows for swift and well-informed actions, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the building.

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