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This guide provides a detailed explanation of the "History" section located on the e-Reception Book dashboard. It will instruct you on how to access and review the entire check-in history at your site.

What is History?

The "History" feature in the e-Reception Book has been meticulously designed to offer users a comprehensive overview of all check-in activities within a specified date range.

This functionality is particularly beneficial for sites that aim to conduct an in-depth analysis of trends and patterns associated with visitor check-ins. By utilising the "History" feature, users can gain insightful perspectives into the frequency and specifics of visitor engagements, allowing for a detailed review of past activities and interactions on any given day.

This empowers sites to make data-driven decisions and optimise their visitor management processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

History Screen

When looking at the "History" screen, you will see this page. This is an overview of all of the visitor check-ins you have logged using e-Reception Book.

This list shows you information relating to your History page:

Photo - When a visitor checks in, they can provide a photo of themselves on the e-Reception Book. If they provide this, under "Photo" is where it'll show on the History page.

Name - This is the name of the person who has checked in or checked out.

Email - If the visitor has provided an email address for themselves, this will show under "Email".

Category - The name of your visitor category type. For example, "Contractor".

Visiting - Under this section will be the name of the person they are coming to visit.

Check-in - This will show the date, time and where in the building a visitor has checked in.

Check-out - This will show the date, time and where in the building a visitor has checked out.

How to Enable and Disable Fields

The e-Reception Book dashboard allows you to personalise your history page, meaning you can decide which fields you would like to include when going through data. To enable and disable different fields on the History page, please follow the provided steps below:

How to Filter between Categories

The History page allows you to filter through data via what category of visitor they are. For example, you may want to specifically see all visitor data for staff only. If you would like to filter between categories, please follow the steps given below:

Once you have done this, you can access detailed data related to your chosen filter, enabling precise and efficient research of specific information.

How to Export History

The e-Reception Book dashboard gives you the option to export individual visitor data or entire visitor data in one go. Please look at the steps provided below to see how to export both individual and all data:


To export specific, individual visitor data, please follow the steps below:

All History

To export all visitor data at once, please follow the steps below:

How to Delete Records from Visitor History

To remove individual or multiple records from your e-Reception Book dashboard's visitor history data, follow the steps outlined below:

Screenshot+2022-08-02+at+15.38.30.png (1034×486)

Additional Support

If you have any immediate questions of would like to set up Data Retention, please use our Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

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