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Discover how to use the 'Imports' section on the e-Reception Book dashboard. This article guides you through managing, editing, and creating imports with simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

Imports Overview

The 'Imports' section allows you to transfer data and information from one system or file into the e-Reception Book dashboard. You can use this centralised hub to import a variety of different categories, such as employee lists, student lists and invites. The centralised hub looks like this:

How to Import CSV Files

If you would like to import your files into the e-Reception Book dashboard, please follow the provided steps below:

The e-Reception Book dashboard has a template in CSV format that makes it easy to enter your information correctly. Just check the image below to find where you can download this helpful template.

Importing Errors

You may come across errors when importing files for a variety of different reasons. For example, if you upload a file with missing data, the boxes that are blank will show up as red and you can manually enter the correct data or pre-fill it, on the e-Reception Book dashboard (see image provided below).

Another example of an error you may come across is, if you download the sample CSV file that gives you the correct format, you won't be able to import the file with your data unless you have saved it and renamed it on your device.

API Importing

The e-Reception Book dashboard also offers API importing from both Office365 and Readr. API import allows you to bring data from one software into another, by connecting with the other platform. This type of import helps different programs communicate and share information more easily.

To access this section of the e-Reception Book dashboard, please follow the provided steps below:

Screenshot+2022-08-02+at+15.38.30.png (1034×486)

Additional Support

If you have any immediate questions, please use our Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

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