Feedback Capture Guide
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What is Feedback Capture?

e-Reception Book is a powerful tool that enables you to capture feedback from your visitors in real-time, providing valuable insights into their experience at your workplace. With this tool, you can identify areas that require improvement and take action to enhance the overall visitor experience.

By utilising the e-Reception Book to capture feedback, you can engage more effectively with your visitors and demonstrate your commitment to providing a high-quality experience. This not only helps to improve the perception of your workplace among your visitors, but it also enhances your reputation within the wider community.


Feedback Capture

Business Edition

Not Available

Professional Edition

Included In Your Licence

Education Edition

Included In Your Licence

Care Edition

Included In Your Licence

How to enable Feedback Capture

If you wish to enable feedback capture on your account, please watch the video below which shows a step-by-step of what to do. Alternatively, follow the steps below:

  1. On the e-Reception Book dashboard, click "Settings".

  2. Below that, click "Account".

  3. Scroll down the page and toggle on "Enable Feedback" so that it is green.

  4. Scroll back up the page and click "Save" in the right-hand corner.

Feedback Questions Overview

This is the overview of the feedback questions that you have made. From this page, you can create new questions and edit, duplicate and delete existing questions.

How to create Feedback questions

There is no limit to the amount of feedback questions that you can ask.

Feedback question types

e-Reception Book allows you to present visitors with a range of questions to gather their feedback. Here are some examples of the types of feedback questions you can offer:


Use a smiley face scale of 1 to 5, to give a rating on your set question

Example - Are they Responsive?


Capture an answer in text to your question

Example - Please enter your comments on how your visit was today.


Offer various options, which the visitor can select one answer

Example - How many times a month do you visit our care home?

Multiple Choice

Offer various options, which the visitor can select serval answers from.

Example - Please select the areas you visited today.


Capture an answer in numbers to your question, please note auto shows the numeric keyboard

Example - What was your recorded temperature when you left?

How to edit Feedback questions

If you've already created feedback questions but want to make changes to any of them, please follow these steps:

How to enable Feedback to a category

e-Reception Book allows you to enable feedback for different visitor categories. To enable feedback to a specific category, please do the following steps:

How to view Feedback

If you would like to view all the feedback provided by visitors about their experience at your workplace, please follow the steps below:

How to export Feedback

What does Feedback Capture look like on the iPad?

After completing their visit to your workplace, visitors will encounter a screen displaying a set of feedback questions on the iPad that you have previously prepared for them. The questions will be presented in a format similar to the one displayed below.


In case you have any immediate queries or concerns regarding the Feedback Capture feature or any other features, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can easily contact us through the Live Chat option available on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Our customer support team will be happy to assist you and provide you with the necessary guidance.

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