Roles & Permissions
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This article will explain the 'Roles & Permissions’ section on the e-Reception Book dashboard and how to use the different features. Read this article to learn more about managing, editing, and creating roles and permissions on the dashboard.

Overview of Roles and Permissions

The roles and permissions screen allows you to assign roles to members of staff and permissions allow you to control the access to certain dashboard features for each role.

How to Add a New Role

Follow this guide to learn how to add new roles to the e-Reception Book dashboard:

How to Add or Change Permissions for an Existing Role

If you would like to add permissions to an existing role or edit the permissions you have selected previously, please follow the steps outlined below:

How to Edit a Role Name

If you would like to edit the name of a role that you have created previously, please follow the steps below:

Screenshot+2022-08-02+at+15.38.30.png (1034×486)

Additional Support

If you have any immediate questions, please use our Live Chat on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

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