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This article will explain the 'Fire Evacuation' feature on the dashboard and how to use it. Read this article to learn more about the Fire Evacuation feature.

What is the Fire Evacuation feature?

The 'Fire Evacuation feature' on the e-Reception Book dashboard allows you to quickly and efficiently account for the safety and whereabouts of visitors, staff, and students during a fire or emergency evacuation.

This feature provides a digital tool for marking individuals as safe and tracking their exit from the premises, ensuring that everyone has evacuated the building safely. It also allows you to generate real-time reports, display evacuation status, and enhance emergency response efforts, contributing to the overall safety and security of everyone in the building.


How to access Fire Escape

To access your fire escape list and information, please follow the provided step below:

You can access a dedicated page containing fire escape information about your visitors, staff, and students. By clicking on the boxes at the top, you can view specific details, such as individuals who are accounted for as safe and those who are currently inside the building.


How to access Fire Escape

To access the fire escape view on the e-Reception Book iPad, please hold two fingers down on the centre of the "Welcome to..." message just above the Check In button and follow the steps provided in the video below:


If you have been assigned the 'Fire Marshal' role via the e-Reception Book dashboard, you can see the fire escape page and start the evacuation mode on your Companion App. To see how you can do this, please see the video provided below:

If you would like to learn more information regarding the Companion App, please click the link to be taken to the Companion App Article.

Overview of Different Fire Escape Views


You can access the list of visitors for fire evacuation by clicking on the top left box on the fire escape page. This box displays the total number of visitors currently on-site, with a table below showing visitor names, their visitor category, arrival times, and the individuals they are visiting. For a visual example, please refer to the screenshot below:


To see the list of staff members for fire evacuation, click the top middle box on the fire escape page. This box shows the total number of staff currently on-site. Below, there's a table listing staff names, along with their photos (if applicable), when they arrived, and the name of their company. See a visual example in the screenshot below:

Late Arrival

This section is relevant to late-arriving students who are in the building. To see the list of late arrivals for fire evacuation, click the top right box on the fire escape page. Below, you will be able to see the names of the late-arriving students, along with the reasons they were late and what time they arrived. Please see an example of this below:


This section is relevant to students who have left early and are currently offsite. To see this list, click on the bottom left box on the fire escape page. Underneath the box, will be a table consisting of the early leaving students' names, reasons they are currently offsite and who they are accompanied by. This is useful if you are carrying out a fire evacuation and need to know who is not on the premises to avoid confusion. Please see an example of this below:


In the sections for visitors, staff, late arrivals, and offsite individuals, you have the option to select checkboxes next to their names to indicate that they are safe (instructions on how to do this are provided below). After marking them as safe, their information will be relocated to the "safe" section. To access this section, click on the bottom middle box located on the fire escape page. You can find an example of this below:


On this section of the fire escape page, you can see how many people are currently inside the building compared to the total number of people who were there originally. For example, in the provided example below, it shows that 20 people are still inside the building, out of a total of 44 who were initially present. This means that 22 people have been marked as safe and have left the building. As you mark more people as safe, the number of people inside the building will decrease.

How to print Fire Evacuation Lists

If you would like to print your fire evacuation lists, please follow the steps provided below:

How to Mark Guests as Safe

If you would like to mark visitors as safe during an emergency or fire evacuation, please follow the provided steps below:

Once you have done this, you can click on the “Safe” box on the fire escape page and see a full list of everyone who has been marked as safe on your e-Reception Book dashboard.

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